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What is Givvy?

Givvy was designed from a desire to have a better relationship and closer connection to the people we care about in a world where we don’t see each other as often as we’d like anymore. Givvy’s not about the gift, Givvy’s about the experience of giving the gift; something real in a digital world and the way it makes people feel important and cared about. We believe the best gift experiences involve the surprise of opening something special, not a gift card or just checking a box on a registry. We believe giving a great gift is when the people you care about know you care enough to give them something thoughtful they’ll cherish.

Everybody has that one friend who is amazing at gifting. The friend who never forgets an occasion and sends you a Valentine’s Day card even though you’re single. Even something as simple as a card can make a person smile and feel loved and remembered!

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Unfortunately, we have busy lives at home and careers and like so many people, finding the time for shopping can be daunting. Then there’s the issue of finding a good gift because that in and of itself can feel impossible for many people. When we started Givvy, we heard from many different people from all kinds of backgrounds who dreaded the holiday season just because of the shopping.

If only we all had that professional personal assistant working for an executive we see on TV. A personal assistant who keeps track of all the occasions, somehow knows what everybody likes. We wanted a personal assistant who makes sure the people you care about know you think about them all the time.

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So we designed and built Givvy to be the personal assistant you needed. We know how busy life can get so we built a slick interface and notification system so you never forget. We know how overwhelming it was on other apps to manually build contact profiles so we made it fast and easy for your contacts to easily complete their own private profiles. We know many people don’t feel confident in finding great gifts so we hired professional shoppers to find those gifts for you.

We know all the best gifts wouldn’t do our users any good if we couldn’t match them up so we made an awesome algorithm. We also know seeing an endless list of gifts is no different from shopping so we narrow it down and show you only a handful of the best of the best for your price range and contact. We built everything from the start to finish wanting to strengthen your relationships, build memorable experiences, and to send the message you care.

That's what Givvy is about. It's about making the people we care about feel special and loved. It's about all of us having the opportunity to be great at gifting in just 2 minutes.
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Powered by professional shoppers. Know you're giving a great gift.

Our professional shoppers populate Givvy with thoughtful and unique gifts. When you choose to gift for a contact and occasion, we instantly select a handful of the absolute best matches for your price range and recipient.

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No daunting gift lists and hours shopping.

With an instant list of 4 options and 4 alternates specifically for your price range and recipient, you don't waste time shopping and stressing. You can even learn why the shopper recommended the gift and even a little about the shopper so you can know they're the right shopper for the occasion.

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Contacts can help complete their profiles for you.

A link to your contact's missing profile information automatically populates and can be sent directly to your contact through your own email or text messages. You get notified as soon as they've updated their info!

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Get notifications of upcoming occasions before it's too late.

Notifications and home screen tiles in the app make sure you don't catch yourself sending a text message instead of a great gift because an occasion fell through your busy schedule.

Contact info status at a glance.

Home screen tiles have color highlights and your contact list have icons to let you know instantly if a contact's profile is complete and ready for gifting, and you'll automatically be prompted with the option to edit or request any missing info before gifting.